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With the change in ownership of the building housing the Watermark 920, we will only be able to do two more performances there. We regret that we will be moving this fall, as we have had a long and great run playing here!

The important thing is: We WILL be playing both Tuesday, April 19, and Tuesday, May 17 at The Watermark 920! Please come out to enjoy our last two performances here.



Fronted by West Michigan's legendary drummer, Tim Froncek, this group of 16 of the area's top musicians plays charts from the classic era of the big bands, up to today's best charts from the hottest writers. The band was organized by Dave Collee, Ed Spier, and Matt Lintula, who wanted a group able to play pro-level big band literature, and have fun doing it! We have assembled a great bunch of area musicians who enjoy the challenge of playing great charts in a large ensemble.

Playing a mixture of classic jazz big band pieces from the Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, and other big band libraries, plus some VERY recent charts from Gordon Goodwin and others.

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