Warren Van Kampen

Warren Van Kampen, bass trombone player for Truth in Jazz Orchestra, also plays tenor trombone and tuba.

He is a retired physician, leaving his ophthalmology practice several years ago in order to pursue his enjoyment of music, jazz, and musical performance – interests he has had since the age of 7 when he began playing the trombone.

The enjoyment and encouragement from teachers kept him focused on music all through high school and college. He first played in a college jazz band while still a junior in high school.

But he took a break from music training and performance when he began his medical training, a journey which took him to Cornell College of Medicine in Manhattan, then to an internship at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago, then on to the becoming a flight surgeon in the U. S. Air Force, eventually finishing his sub-specialty training in Galveston and San Francisco.

After his medical practice was established in Muskegon in 1980, he began playing tenor trombone with The General Assembly and the West Shore Symphony as a dedicated amateur. In the mid-1990’s, he began to work seriously with the bass trombone, the instrument that became his real passion.

During that time, Warren attended GVSU for training in music theory and he began to study tuba. He continues his training, having attended multiple sessions at Interlochen and Brevard Schools of Music, focusing on improvisation and tuba. He has also taken two improvisation training sessions at the Jamie Aebersold Jazz Camp. He has been privileged to study tuba under Roger Lewis, Daniel Perantoni, and Marty Erickson, among others.

In addition to TIJO, Warren has been a member of the Lakeshore Big Band, Horns of Power, Big Band of Praise, West Michigan Brass Quintet, and various local civic summer groups.

“Real musical enjoyment,” Warren says, “is in ensemble work. When an ensemble swings together it is a unique experience, a feeling of success in achieving a common goal.”